– Polyhedron –
Cover illustration for the July issue of Polyhedron, a gaming magazine.

Kid Rock

– Kid Rock –
Cover illustration for the Seattle Weekly and their Nasty Music issue. Covering the topic of sexism in current music performers. Kid Rock, sexist? “What’s wrong with being sexy?”


– Scene Cover –
This illustration was done for an article on the band, the Offspring, and the renewal of their career due to a fly white guy.

Court Creeps

– Court Creeps –
Cover illustration for The Seattle Weekly. For an article about crooked judges getting liquored up and chasing skirts.

Mr Big the Fat Cat

– Mr Big, the Fat Cat –
Cover illustration for The Seattle Weekly’s Quarterly Music Guide.

All Hallos Eve

– All Hallo’s Eve –
Cover illustration for The Stranger. Nosferatu and gilfriend having a romantic picnic in the graveyard.

Satan Claus

– Satan Claus –
Cover illustration for the Christmas issue for the now defunct “TheRocket”. I got a lot of concerned “Fan” letters on this one.

Whoop Ass Boxer

– Whoop Ass Boxer –
Cover illustration for the Stranger. Sponsored by Whoop-Ass Boxing Gloves.

Cocktail Crooner

– Cocktail Crooner –
Cover illustration for The Stranger. Old meets the new in early Nineties cocktail culture revival.