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Nirvana Flyer by Justin Hampton

– Nirvana, 1990 –
This was the first flyer/ poster that I ever did. It was done while in my graduating quarter in art school for Typography class. I hung up a couple of them around town so I could get the full effect of what it was like to do a flyer and I was hooked. It was the beginning of my downward spiral into the world of Rock Art, abandoning my schooling which was more geared toward advertising.

Silkworm Flyer by Justin Hampton

– Silkworm, 1993 –
This flyer was commisioned by Scott Griggs (G-man), brother of the poster artist, Pablo.

Black Cat Orchestra by Justin Hampton

-Black Cat Orchestra, 1994-
This flyer was published in a monthly calender tabloid, for the Club Moe. The art direction (type layout) was done by the legendary graphic designer, Art Chantry.

Burmashave Flyer by Justin Hampton

– Burmashave, 1996 –
Two of the members of this band rose from the ashes of Burmashave to start thier new band, The Fakes, in 1999.

DOA Flyer by Justin Hampton

– D.O.A., 1994 –
This show was cancelled but the flyer lives on.