Rat Comic by Justin Hampton
RAT (sold out)
Inside every pathetic loser there’s a hero dying to get out. George Laurenson is an out of shape burn-out who yearns to break free of his day to day rut and be like his icon, Ricky Rat. Ricky, who appears regularly in a biker magazine’s comic strip is the epitome of cool and bad-ass. George escapes his mundane life in his visions of becoming more like him. He takes it too far and the line between fantasy and reality become blurred. In an impulsive move George, sets the wheels in motion, sealing his fate and his life will never be the same. 1997
Twitch Comic by Justin Hampton
TWITCH ($5.00) Purchase This Comic Here!
An anthology of short stories each reflecting different artistic styles to match the various tones
of story telling. 1994.Here’s a few people had to say about the comic:”Hampton’s illustrative powers are immense, his abilty to create movement and filmic hyper
emotions makes the book leap out of one’s hands with energy.”-The Rocket”Justin Hampton’s Twitch treads on the darker side of life. His dark heavy lines capture the
emotional weight of his narritives. Powerfull stuff.”

-Axcess magazine

Real Stuff Comic by Justin Hampton

Written by the infamous Denny Eichhorn, a true original. The comic that chronicled a man’s journey through life from his childhood to middle age, not neccesarily in that order. Charles Bukowski would’ve been proud of Denny’s tales of prison, drug dealing and excessive taking, hitch hiking, bar brawls, near death experiences, strange encounters with women and all around bizzare life that confirms that truth is stranger than fiction. Many underground cartooinst have illustrated Denny’s tales of his misspent youth, including Hampton, who put pen to page for two tales of substance abuse. 1993 & 1994