by: Mark Lanegan • Justin Hampton

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As a reflection of this moment we’re all living in, we would like to present to you these newly realized editions of Justin Hampton’s artwork originally designed for the Mark Lanegan Band 2012 Blues Funeral tour. Here are some words about ‘The Days of Pandemia’ from the artist:

‘This is a surreal time in our collective history and a very unnerving moment in all of our lives. The image is a representation of something that seemed like it could never happen to us, something that modern scientific advances had left in the dusty pages of the historical record. Although that was a different condition in a different time, the image of the Plague Doctor has resonated with a lot of people in these unsure times. How do we stay safe? How do we deal with this? Should we be scared? Will this pass? Will science ultimately defeat this? There is so much uncertainty right now, including so many people losing their ways of life. Most people are sheltering at home with ‘social distancing’.

Along with so many people Mark and I have lost our way to make an income, with his touring, and myself making poster art for bands concerts. What was to be Mark’s upcoming European tour was cancelled. All of my already produced posters for what was to be upcoming gigs have also been cancelled. We’re thinking outside of the box here in offering this print without a concert to go with it. I’ve always wanted to make an art print of this image and flesh it out more with added detail and colors. Although the image is a dark tone I think of it as an acknowledgement of what’s happening with a sense of hope in the sunset and faith that after the darkness there will be another day. Humanity will survive, we’ll be better prepared and hopefully come out of this kinder and more appreciative of the amazing world that we all share.’ -JH

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