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This poster was inspired by the Soundgarden B-side single of theirs called ‘Heretic’. I choose to reflect that song with an image of Joan of Arc. A few years ago I traveled to the town in France named Rouen where she was burned at the stake. I was able to go up into the tower where she was held captive and see the actual site of the horrifing event. It was wild to think that that actually happened and to be standing there where something like that happened was intense.

The thing that I wanted to convey in this print was the fact that as crazy as many thought she was others revered her as a saint. Her final moment was seen as calm and serene holding a make shift cross someone had made for her and her last words as she looked skyward with flames erupting around her was “Jesus….”. I don’t care what belief you subscribe to, that’s powerful and it stuck with me.

A six color screen print with metallic gold ink on 100 lb acid free paper stock measuring 18″x 24″. Signed and numbered in a very limited edition of 100 prints.