About Justin Hampton – Rock Art & Illustration

Justin HamptonJustin Hampton has been creating high-impact imagery since his arrival on the art scene in 1990. He got his start in Seattle working for famed graphic designers Art Chantry and Jeff Kleinsmith at The Rocket, a monthly music magazine that was ground zero during the Grunge era. Almost two decades later he is renowned as one of the leaders in the modern rock poster scene and has garnered international attention. His bold line work and sublime color palette mixed with a vivid imagination are unmistakable. His work can be seen in various galleries in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as the in the States. Hampton’s work has been published in many books including the definitive tome of the gig poster genre; The Art of Modern Rock. Justin was also prominently highlighted in the documentary movie ‘American Artifact, the rise of American rock poster art.’ The film was recently added to the permanent collection of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Hampton’s collaborative poster for the movie with his cohorts in Post Neo Explosionism (or PNE) was also added to the museum’s archives. Seattle’s Experience Music Project has archived countless numbers of his prints as well as originals for their permanent museum collection.

Born in Santa Cruz California, his influences are pop culture based from street art and Skate-Punk to comic book artists like Jack Kirby as well as the Post-Impressionist work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. He has screen printed images for the likes of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, TOOL, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Nick Cave, Ween, Motorhead and name a few. He has been the primary artist of Queens of the Stone Age since 2002. Hampton designed artwork for the now infamous ‘Grey Album’ for mega producer Danger Mouse. His posters have also appeared in various television shows and motion pictures.

His clients have included Todd Phillips(The Hangover) Current TV, Scion, Rolling Stone, The Lollapalooza Festival, Spin, Oakley Goggles, Target, Interscope Records, Sports Illustrated, Dreamworks, Nordstrom, Village Voice, Maxim, Vibe, FHM, Premiere, ESPN Magazine, Details, Capita Snowboarding, Stand Up Records, Spike and Mike’s Twisted Animation Festival, Scotopia Pictures, Stagr, Bravado, Vanguard Press, Global Wonder Entertainment, Hustler, Blender, The Showbox, The Paramount Theatre, Bike, Guitar World, Dr Marten Shoes, Snowboarder, Resting Bird Entertainment, Meteor Entertainment, The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger.

Hampton’s comic books ‘Twitch’ and ‘Rat’ have also received rave reviews. Always seeking to push his artistic boundaries, Hampton has tried his hand at animation. His short ‘The Jaded Monk’, based on a character of his own creation, was accepted to the 2002 Seattle International Film Festival and the 2003 One Reel Festival.

Hampton’s work has been seen in Hollywood circles of late as he designed a poster for Director Todd Phillips for the cast and crew of his smash hit motion picture ‘The Hangover’. His work was just recently seen on the TBS sitcom ‘My Boys’ where the characters of the show attend a fictional exhibition of his work in Chicago. Justin is currently at work on new prints and paintings for upcoming exhibitions and is also busy creating a new apparel line.

Justin lives in Portland, Oregon with his son Miles, daughter Maya and his cat named Sebastion.