Eye of Gaia

Poster commisioned by 'Rock the Earth' and Living Tree Paper'. A nine color screen print on 100 lb 'Vangaurd' paper stock which is a blend of 25% Hemp and 75% recycled post consumer waste. The print measures 11 " by 25". Signed and numbered in an edition of 500 copies.

Numbers 1-100/ 500 were sold here. You can purchase one of the numbers 101-500 from www.rocktheearth.org . The money goes to fighting for Environmental issues.

Sold Out!


"The image that I created for the 'Eye of Gaia' print was designed to reflect the current issues that humanity is facing with global warming, pollution and war by using the most direct and graphic means possible. The idea of 'Mother Nature' (or 'Gaia' in Latin) shedding a tear for the condition of the planet seemed to the be perfect fit. My intent was to not come off too 'preachy', 'apocalyptic' or 'new age' but to find a balance that coveys the message across the age/ gender/ political lines. 'Eye of Gaia' is one of my favorite prints to date, I hope you enjoy it."